Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Repairing Fused Glass Wall Mirror

I recently had an accident at home where a large fused glass mirror fell off the wall and broke. One of the hangers had come loose. This mirror was one of two large mirrors that I made several years when I was first starting out. I had to make it in sections due to the size and then use adhesives to put it all together. I made one for my daughter and one for myself and then decided to focus on smaller mirrors and items that would fit my 15" kiln shelf.
I salvaged some of the sections of the mirror and fortunately one side and the mirror itself were in good condition. I then had to add some new pieces, refire others when I could and a few rough edges just had to remain. Naturally I no longer had some of the matching glass so new colors had to be added. This is one of those projects that doesn't look to bad from a distance but on closer examination you can see the many flaws. I just didn't want to have to do without it.
When you view the photographs, keep in mind that I am not adept at photographing a mirror so the reflections you see are part of other walls or rooms in my home. You can get the general idea of how the project turned out though.

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