Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not Enough Hours.

I'm at a loss as to know how to do everything I want or need to do in a 24 hour time period.  It just doesn't happen.  I resolve daily to (1) become better organized, (2) to spend a certain amount of time catching up on computer work including making a blog post,more frequently than once evey six months, (3) to spend some quality time in the studio actually creating and working on my fused glass, (4)  to keep the house half way clean and orderly, (5) to catch up on some of the weeding so my flower beds don't resemble corn fields, (6)  to groom the dog and take her for walks - I actually do better with this one than the others and (7) to get the laundry done and fix my husband an actual meal at least once a week.  In addition to this I also want to talk with my kids and grandkids, visit with friends, wash my hair and do my nails and read a few paragraphs in my book for our book club.  There just aren't enough hours.  I read all these great articles full of helpful hints on how to do all these things and I read about women who do all this and hold down a full time job and raise four kids and carpool and volunteer 10 hours a week and take long walks to reenergize.  It's exhausting just to think about it.  Maybe if I were 20 years, no make that 30 years younger - no, I didn't do it then so why think I might now.  I just need to whine and get overwhelmed and shut down and then get up, get some things done and do it all over again.  However, life goes on and I have the luxury of being able to whine and fuss and complain and occasionally pitch a "hissy fit" as my mother used to call it so I will stop now, go watch some TV,  play with "Zoe" (the dog), get a decent night's sleep (hopefully) and tomorrow after coffee with my husband, I am going to go see the "World Quilt Show" with a friend and spend the day marveling at the wonderful quilts and then the weekend ends and there's MONDAY!

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