Wednesday, November 17, 2010

World Quilt Show

This weekend I had the opportunity to go with a friend to the World Quilt Show in West Palm Beach, FL.  It was incredible and totally overwhelming.  We had to take several long breaks just to refocus on really appreciating the wonderful workmanship.  There were quilts from all over the world as well as quilts from Florida quilting groups and other states in the US.  Many of the quilts in the show had won numerous awards.  There were also alot of vendors there with every type, color, texture of fabric, threads, quilting accessories and tools, quilting machines, etc.  Just to watch the demonstrations alone was worth the entrance fee.

I took several photos which I will attempt to post here and it may be a futile attempt since I am still learning how to use certain aspects of the computer.  Keep your fingers crossed.  If I am successful and you see the large quilt with the circles at the top and the black and white checkered border, just know that it has 55,000 (yes, 55,0000) swarovski crystals sewed into it.  It was made by a woman in Germany and if I remember correctly it is 92" x 92".  The photo definitely does not do this one justice nor any of them for that matter.

Some of the photo shots of the quilts were taken because they were favorites but some were to show  variety or certain techniques used which I found interesting.  As a former quilter who had to give it up years ago, I can truly appreciate the skill and creativity that went in to every single quilt at the show..  My apologies also to all the artists who designed and made these quilts.  There wasn't enough time to get names or even titles (and some of these were delightful) to give each one of you credit for your fabulous work.  I just wanted to be able to share some of your work with my friends and fans.

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